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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Welcome to Kingdom Christmas Lights new 2020 updated website!!  

We at Kingdom Christmas Lights are very excited (as usual) for the new holiday lighting season.  This year has been nothing but interesting considering the rough start dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. There was instantly an outcry for Christmas decorations to be put back up all around the country in attempt to spread hope. It’s a proven psychological fact that Christmas lights cheer you up and putting them earlier produces joy. (See our expert analysis on that topic below) Our company has seen a vast change in our society and what we consider to be the “new normal” as most people have developed a heightened awareness of their own properties.  This behavior has led to a record setting home improvement season that has shown no signs of stopping or slowing down.

Now that Christmas is near and our season has already begun, commercial Christmas light clients have been starting earlier as a result of our trade conflicts, increased taxes and tariffs between the US and China. Shipping containers and Christmas supplies and equipment have been directly effected so we at Kingdom Christmas Lights have devised a plan to protect all of our customers from price gauging. We are keeping our pricing the same as it has always been with enough inventory to make it through the season. “Let’s make this Christmas the best one ever again and again!” We will once again be looking forward to all of your smiling faces and seeing the beautiful holiday designs of 2020.


Christmas time is such a special time of year. We are happy to offer our services to you and your family again this 2019 Season! Kingdom Christmas Lights has many options for your Christmas Light display from the new SMD LED, classic bulbs and all the trimmings. Let us put your home on the MUST SEE list this year and years to come!


Kingdom Christmas Lights is your GO TO company for all your commercial lighting needs. Light displays that will make your neighborhood or business the talk of the town! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to have the newest LED lights and the swag to create a breathe taking display. We would love to design a winter wonderland that fits your style!