Our Christmas light installation packages range from commercial consultations and professional designed breath taking displays to high end residential lighting installations.  Here at Kingdom Christmas Lights we offer honest per foot and per increment pricing on all commercial grade lighting products and services.  Please review our residential and commercial Christmas light installation services below.

Installation Begins

Our Christmas light installation season opening is an event that marks the start of our holiday lighting installation appointments. This season opener is typically held in October and is seems to begin earlier and earlier each and every year.  This event is designed to generate excitement and anticipation among customers and employees.

As each season begins, we showcase the latest products and designs to generate interest and excitement among our clients. The new season boasts our new lighting displays, cutting-edge technologies, and our improved innovative installation techniques.

Here's the countdown until our season opener.


how does it work?

We've made the process of having Christmas lights installed on your property a seamless process.  Below we have a step by step illustration explaining the ease of doing business with Kingdom Christmas Lights.  This three step process is simply and is all you need to get on our schedule today.

Step 1

Start Estimate

Click the START ESTIMATE button anywhere on our website. There will be more information available to start this request.

Step 2

Choose your Package

There will be time for choosing the different options that you want. Let's start with an idea of what you would like your property to look like.

Step 3

Approve Quote

We'll send you a detailed plan with a photoshop rendering our our design for you property. All you'll need to do is approve it and then we'll schedule.

Our why

Our WHY at Kingdom Christmas Lights is pretty simple.  We absolutely love Christmas lights and there are few things in life that bring us as much joy as installing lights for our clients whether it is for Christmas, Diwali, Ramadan or a wedding/event.

To take it a step further, it’s an honor to be trusted with someone’s Christmas experience especially considering how time sensitive the projects are and how important it is to respond to service calls with great haste.

I personally believe it’s about sharing the Light of Christmas with others and giving everyone the opportunity to share their light, no matter how simple or complex their dream experience may be.  Since some homes here in the Texas area are so large and steep, most homeowners are unable to safely decorate the rooftops of their homes. Or don’t have the ability to get high quality lighting products at a reasonable price. Because of this fact, we don’t believe our clients “Christmas Experience” should be watered down.

This is our “WHY” when it comes to wearing Santa Claus hats and playing Christmas music from our Kingdom Radio program while installing your decorations. We want to bring the best experience to you and your family that will become a beautiful and exciting tradition.

Thank you for trusting Kingdom Christmas Lights with your Christmas experience as we look forward to being a part of your Christmas traditions for years to come.

Kingdom Connection
Kingdom Connection
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The Kingdom Christmas Lights YouTube channel is one of the most entertaining and educational platforms in our industry!
Kingdom Radio
Kingdom Radio
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When it comes to Christmas light videos on either training, products or services, Kingdom Christmas Lights definitely leads the way in our industry. It has been an absolute privilege networking and partnering with your platform.
Christmas Light Installers Mastermind
Christmas Light Installers Mastermind
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We appreciate Kingdom Christmas Lights being the industry professional that leads our Christmas Light Installation Mastermind Facebook Group.
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Here's a list of our frequently asked questions

Do You Have a Minimum?

Our minimum rates allow us to offer the best material, best customer service and pay our insured installers a fair rate. The cost of your display depends on the size and number of stories of your home and where you would like the lights to be installed. Extra features such as trees, bushes, path lighting, and décor will also determine the price of your display. If you return as a customer next year, your lighting package will be less (since the lights we installed from the previous year can be re-used). Talk to your installer for more details.

Can We Use Our Own Lights?

Unfortunately, we can't install your own lights simply because we cannot validate the quality nor can we warranty them. The only exception would be if your lights were installed by us in the past (which would fall under our two year warranty). We provide fresh new commercial grade LED lighting that is custom fit to your home or property. We also include all the essential extension cords, photocell timers, and any clips, stakes, or ties, to properly install your display.

Are You Insured?

Absolutely. Our installers are required to carry a minimum of $1 million general liability insurance policy. If you have specific insurance requirements/coverages, please let us know, we work with organizations of all sizes and we are happy to provide a copy of our policy upon request.

What Warranty Do You Offer?

All of our outdoor products (installed by us) come with a two-year warranty. If any issues come up with your installation, we send an installer (typically within 48 business hours) to inspect your display, and fix any damage.

Do You Offer a Light Rental Program?

In some cases, it is feasible and less expensive to rent lights. With this option, you are more freely able to change up your décor layout from year to year. Talk directly with your lighting specialist about the option of renting lights versus buying.

What Hours Do Your Installers Work?

During the installation season, our crews typically work from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week (residential properties), sometimes longer if needed. Our commercial crews can work longer shifts with more coverage if necessary. Talk to your installer about what coverage schedules are like for your location.

Do I Need To Be Home for the Installation?

For exterior lighting, most of the time our customers do not need to be at home during the installation. Our highly-trained installation teams can complete the installation whether you are home or not. In some cases, the power supply access may be inside the garage behind a locked fence or gate, and in that case the home owner would need to be home. For interior décor and lighting, the homeowner, or somebody over the age of 18, will need to be home for the install. We will schedule our crew at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

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