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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Welcome to Kingdom Christmas Lights new website!!   We at Kingdom Christmas Lights are very excited (as usual) for the new holiday lighting season.  This year our team has installed some new products and services for our valued clients to make sure Christmas remains the best time of year.  As it’s snowing on your computer or phone, please note our extended service areas that you’ll find at the bottom of our residential and commercial pages.  If you look just below here, you’ll see that we have added a new online store where you can either buy materials to be installed at your home, replacement parts for your existing installation or schedule Christmas tours for your family. We hope you enjoy browsing through the new site. Let us know if you have any questions!! We look forward to Lighting up His Kingdom together!  


Christmas time is such a special time of year. We are happy to offer our services to you and your family again this 2019 Season! Kingdom Christmas Lights has many options for your Christmas Light display from the new SMD LED, classic bulbs and all the trimmings. Let us put your home on the MUST SEE list this year and years to come!


Kingdom Christmas Lights is your GO TO company for all your commercial lighting needs. Light displays that will make your neighborhood or business the talk of the town! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to have the newest LED lights and the swag to create a breathe taking display. We would love to design a winter wonderland that fits your style!


We are proud to offer a little something new this year. Check out the Kingdom Christmas Lights store. In our store we have all the materials you need to create an awesome Christmas display for commercial or residential. If you have questions about our products please click “Chat Icon” and we will be happy to help.


Kingdom Christmas Lights is excited about CHRISTMAS! We will be having Christmas Light tours for your family and friends. Join us for a fun filled evening looking at all the great displays with our hay ride through Pecan Grove. There is so much eye candy to feast on that you will be full on Christmas.