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Thank you for choosing Kingdom Christmas Lights and being a valued client of ours over the years.  We’ve made a few changes for this upcoming season to ensure your Christmas experience with us remains positive.  Now that your BRAND NEW decorations have become a few years old, there’s always bulbs, clips, string and connections that need to be replaced.  Our technicians are very experienced in Christmas light installation and know where the potential problem areas are when they are putting together a previous year’s lighting display.

Our new clients who have purchased new decorations from us have experienced the “STAY LIT WARRANTY” which basically guarantees that every bulb, clip and connection will stay lit and in place until December 25th.  All you would have to do is give us a call and we responded to every situation with great haste.  Now that the “STAY LIT WARRANTY” does not cover your previous years decorations we would like for our clients to enjoy the same responsive service with the existing decorations. (That were originally purchased from us)

  1.  Starting in 2021, Kingdom Christmas Lights will only install existing lighting if it was originally purchased from us.
  2. Every existing lighting project will include the Kingdom Extended Warranty.
  3. Additional bulbs, clips, connections and string will be provided by our company and replaced at our discretion.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse the warranty agreement after reviewing the previous years decorations either at the time of installation or before.
  5. Depending on the size of the project and level of difficulty, we will determine the cost of the warranty on a case by case basis.

Holiday Time mini lights can not be replaced and are not covered under any warranty agreement through Kingdom Christmas Lights.

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