Commercial Christmas Products

We have hundreds of commercial Christmas products for you to choose from for your business, hotel, casino, daycare, hospital, HOA, shopping mall or any other commercial property. Here’s a few commercial holiday displays that we feel showcases our depth as a commercial contractor. Please contact our office to receive a complete commercial Christmas catalog.

Commercial Christmas Service

Custom commercial Christmas light installation projects is our specialty here at Kingdom Christmas Lights. To further elaborate, being a trendsetter and changing our industry is just a typical day for our professionals.  The picture you see to the left is a custom fabricated wreath we manufactured specifically for this HOA sign.  Most contractors would have installed a traditional circle wreath on this property and then never thought twice about how it looked once they left. We believe that it’s very important to keep the entrance to your business and/or community looking inviting, festive and professional.  For this reason, we recommend that you hire Kingdom and remember that we’ll make every year the best, again and again.

Let’s explore our companies why and what separates Kingdom from our competitors. First of all, it just doesn’t make sense to lease lighting displays and/or decorations.  Most contractors in our industry want you to sign a multi-year contract which is a glorified lease program where they “store” the lights for you. After the written agreement has expired, you literally have nothing to show for the money you spent. In addition, most commercial property management companies assume the responsibility of stewarding tens of thousands of dollars each Christmas season. The clients who collectively “foot the bill” begin demanding change as they view the same tired displays year after year.

Let’s highlight the advantages of TRUE OWNERSHIP verses the conventional lease agreement on commercial projects.

The turnkey pricing to lease Christmas decorations verses our price for you to purchase the same decorations is practically the same. The major difference is when you start exploring what the following season looks like. With other companies, you’ll need to pay more to get more which in some instances seems logical. Purchasing the lighting and decorations however is a better idea because the next year you already own the lights and just need the labor to install, warranty and remove them again which is considerably cheaper. With your target budget, you’ll have an opportunity to add more and more each season explaining why we confidently claim that it get’s better every year. Invest with Kingdom!!!

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