Kingdom Christmas Lights

Custom commercial Christmas light installation projects is our specialty and doing what no other contractor can is a normal day for our professionals.  Above and beside these words you’ll see a wreath going being measured around an HOA property sign.  This is a fabrication project that was formed to fit these signs throughout the neighborhood exactly to measurements.  Imagine for a second how a traditional circle wreath obstructed the sign and focal point of this community.  After our work, it was the best project that had ever been done and every year gets better!

Let’s explore why our company is separated from the competition and it’s a good decision to do business with us.  First we would like to highlight the purchase program that allows our customers to buy the lighting from us directly.  This option allows you to have ownership of the decorations which will leave your business with only an installation and removal price the following years.  For example, a $15,000 display will look great the first year with either plan but year two will look better with us because the addition of new materials inside of your budget.  If you consider the typical lease option that most commercial Christmas companies offer, you will NOT OWN anything after 3 years and have spent $45,000.  Forward think with the best and let’s begin a relationship that will last forever.

We at Kingdom Christmas Lights are serving the following areas

Richmond, TXKaty, TXSugar Land, TXMissouri City, TXStafford, TXFulshear, TXBrookshire, TXManvel, TXCypress, TXTomball, TXThe Woodlands, TXSpring, TXHumble, TXPearland, TXLeague City, TXAlvin, TX – Rosharon, TXHouston, TXRiver Oaks, TXBellaire, TXSienna Plantation, TX , Needville, TX