Christmas Light Installation in Conore, Texas!

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Here at Kingdom Christmas Lights we are your Christmas light installation contractor in Conore Texas. Our company specializes in custom holiday decorations for residential and commercial properties. We are proudly serving the Alvin Texas area and when it comes to the “Christmas contractor near me”, think Kingdom. Let’s explore how we do business or press the “Start Estimate” to get on our schedule.

Let us point out a few reasons why Kingdom Christmas Lights is the better choice for your family.

1.  YOU KEEP THE LIGHTS – We custom make every decorative display with our 1000′ spoils and male/female connectors.  Obviously we install the lighting however at the conclusion of the season our service also provides the removal of the lighting. One of the selling points that separates Kingdom Christmas Lights from our competition is that our clients keep the lighting at the end of the season.  Most contractors store them or lease them leaving our customers with nothing tangible after a considerable investment. Go Kingdom!

2.  CUSTOM LIGHTING DISPLAYS – Color patterns and the sequence of bulb placement can really set apart your display.  Ask about our “red tip” displays and “candy cane” patterns for your home or business.  Either way, our trained staff knows how to put together a memorable and unique arrangement that can not be duplicated by any “store bought” lighting.  Need help visualizing what design and lighting patterns you want on your home?  No problem!  We at Kingdom have installed 100’s of homes just like yours and have some design ideas organized on our portfolio page. Click the button below for some ideas! Go Kingdom! Design Ideas

3.  ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE –  We at Kingdom Christmas Lights only charge our customers for what they use.  Please note that we send you an estimate of your roofline and decoration plan but it’s only an estimate. This means, you’ll only pay for the boxes of mini-lights and actual footage that was used on your home instead of a one size fits all package.  For mini-lights on trees and shrubs it’s just as simple.  The more you wrap, the more boxes of mini-lights you’ll use.  We have a simple per box price that once again will only have you pay for what you need.  If you would like to add more lights or go higher, we’ll just add the number of boxes and the final bill will reflect your selections.  Sounds pretty easy huh? Want to understand more about the installation or our lighting or how the service is performed?  Click “What to Expect” below and see for yourself how easy doing business with Kingdom really is. Go Kingdom! What to Expect

4.  DANGEROUS AND DIFFICULT – Climbing extension ladders is scary enough but getting on steep roofs can result in your home being lit up by the lights of an ambulance.  Here at Kingdom Christmas Lights, our techs are trained in the roofing industry and have ladder and roof safety training with harness techniques.  This allows you to enjoy the holidays while we make it look easy.  Go Kingdom!

5.  STAY LIT WARRANTY – We at Kingdom Christmas Lights warranties every new bulb installed until December 25th that is on your home of business.  This means that we will come out and fix or replace (at no additional charge) every clip, connection, extension and bulb until Christmas morning of the year they were installed.

We think that it’s a great decision to do business with Kingdom Christmas Lights and we want to thank you in advance for supporting our company and organization.  May the Lord be with you and pour out blessings on you and your family this season  We’ll be looking forward to your response and the opportunity to earn your business.

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