SMD LED C-9 Blue (each)


Blue C-9 SMD LED Bulbs sold individually


This item: SMD LED C-9 Blue (each) $2.05
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Green Male Socket Plugs
SMD LED C-9 Bulb Multi Color (each)


Create mesmerizing displays for any occasion for years to come when investing in these LED Christmas light C-9 bulbs. These C-9 bulbs feature surface-mount diodes (SMD) technology that provide superior brilliance resulting in a light that shines brighter and lasts longer when compared to traditional LED bulbs. The advanced optics in the core of the bulb allow for deeper color hues that won’t fade and maintain more light consistency from base to tip.

  • Constructed from polycarbonate material that is virtually indestructible
  • Lower wattage LED bulbs allow for safer long runs of light
  • A mixture of red, blue, green, yellow, and orange bulbs
  • Faceted finish produces beautiful light patterns
  • Indoor/outdoor use perfect for every season
  • Efficient LED bulbs remain cool to touch
  • COLOR Options include: Red, Warm White, Green, Purple and Multi Color
  • Bulbs sold individually


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