Stay Lit Warranty


Stay lit Warranty

This item: Stay Lit Warranty $75.00
Christmas Wreath -20"
Christmas Wreath -60"
SMD LED C-9 Bulbs Red (each)


Stay Lit Warranty.

The Stay Lit Warranty guarantees that your lights will stay lit. IF you have an issue CALL US! We will be out within 24-48 hours to fix it!  Every Clip, Every Bulb, Every Timer, Every Connection.

We will fix any issues you have with your lights when you purchase this package. Please see what is not covered below.

1. Any bulbs (Bulbs go out)

2. Rehang any lines that fall due to wind or rain (Mother Nature is salty some times)

3. Timer or Connection issues (Electronics aren’t always perfect)

At no charge up to Christmas!

At NO Charge.

Things we don’t cover:

1. Lawnmowers running over the lights. (Tell your lawn guy to be careful)

2. Party goers knocking down the lights. (Have your friends form a safety conga line to go around the lights!)

3. Sparky chews the line. (Sparky needs a new bone for Christmas. Ask Santa)

4. Vandalism (not covered.. We can’t imagine this ever happening )

In all seriousness. If it is something that ‘naturally’ happened, we will fix it. The top 3 items HAS happened in past years. We charge a service call and we will be happy to come fix anything that has happened to your lights. Service charge is based off of what needs to be fixed. Materials plus a trip charge. It is NOT a lot so don’t do without just call us we will work it out!


Stay Lit warranty is based on approval with existing lights



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