All of our residential Christmas light installation packages and services are sold by the item quantities.  These packages are put together to better determine what budget you're considering for your Christmas light installation.  Obviously you can tailor, personally design and customize your display this holiday season.  Please note that you should refer to your free estimate regarding the details of your display.


This is the perfect package to choose when you're wanting to make the right statement this holiday season with commercial grade Christmas lighting on your home. Trust Kingdom with your Christmas experience.


Let's make a statement this holiday season with your Christmas package. We are going to have you looking great and make sure you're the "Talk of the Town" with Kingdom.


This Christmas, we need to "Deck The Halls" and go all out "FULL GRISWOLD" status. By selecting this package, you're choosing to have the best decorated property in your neighborhood.

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Kingdom Christmas Lights' pricing is pretty simple. We price by the foot of C9 bulbs or by the package of mini lights. The above Good/Better/Best is to assist both you and us in estimating your desired display ideas. For example: If you have 100 feet of lights you are looking at the $699 price range. 

  1. Classic Christmas begins at $699.00. It is typically the roofline and perhaps the archway depending on your roofline footage. Similar to measuring for gutters.
  2. Talk of the Town begins at $1500.00. It could include not only the roofline but also trimming the garage, windows, or archway. 
  3. Full Griswold begins at $2500.00. It is a 'decked out' home. 

We customize the C9 lights to your home and there is a bulb every foot. Our team will estimate how many lights you're going to need, provide the materials, warranty every decoration we install, come back in January to remove them and then store the decorations. 


Our process is as easy!

Step 1

Start Estimate

Click the START ESTIMATE button anywhere on our website. There will be more information available to start this request.

Step 2

Choose your Package

There will be time for choosing the different options that you want. Let's start with an idea of what you would like your property to look like.

Step 3

Approve Quote

We'll send you a detailed plan with a photoshop rendering our our design for you property. All you'll need to do is approve it and then we'll schedule.


Kingdom Christmas Lights has spent time finding the best products on the market. We have tested them and found the best Christmas Light products that stand up to our climate and length of time our climate allows us to have those lights installed. We only use commercial grade products. These products are designed to give you a bright and long lasting display.

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From the 'basics' Minleon C9 Bulb  to the extra fluffy wreaths. Only the BEST for our clients!


Welcome to a new season Christmas light installation and commercial holiday decoration services with Kingdom Christmas Lights. Over the years, our company been blessed beyond measure as we are still striving to offer better products and services with an enhanced business model. It’s the JOY of Christmas that motivates us to keep pushing forward and it’s the example of Christ that provides us with the light to illuminate our footpaths. 

Our company is a “Full Service” business model that boasts a “Turn Key” solution to your Christmas experience. Never again will you have to get the lights out of the attic or storage spaces, untangle lights, run to the busy and crowded stores to find replacement lighting and then risk you life on a ladder to install them. WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!!!! Kingdom Christmas Lights also provides the warranty service so you don’t need to get back up that ladder and replace the one bulb that’s not working or the one section of hot glue that has come unattached. We offer a “Stay Lit Warranty” and rapid response that has been in place since the beginning. Lastly, we will remove the decorations in January and then store, maintain, and upgrade them as needed during the offseason. This effort is to ensure that you always have the best Christmas experience and that you’re products are always up to date and shining bright!

Our previous clients have access to their CLIENT PORTAL. This portal keeps track of your invoices, estimates and offers a direct connection to our back office for new requests and work orders. Please remember that it’s our love for our clients that drives us forward and we are excited about being involved with your Christmas experience on any level.



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Multi- Season Service Agreement

Kingdom Christmas Lights offers multi- season service agreements for our clients. This allows you to have your decorations for multiple Christmas seasons at a reasonable price. Christmas decor typical life span is about 3-5 years. Some items may last longer but with Kingdom the decorations are always serviced and shining bright. 

Our why

Our WHY at Kingdom Christmas Lights is pretty simple.  We absolutely love Christmas lights and there are few things in life that bring us as much joy as installing lights for our clients whether it is for Christmas, Diwali, Ramadan or a wedding/event.

To take it a step further, it’s an honor to be trusted with someone’s Christmas experience especially considering how time sensitive the projects are and how important it is to respond to service calls with great haste.

I personally believe it’s about sharing the Light of Christmas with others and giving everyone the opportunity to share their light, no matter how simple or complex their dream experience may be.  Since some homes here in the Texas area are so large and steep, most homeowners are unable to safely decorate the rooftops of their homes. Or don’t have the ability to get high quality lighting products at a reasonable price. Because of this fact, we don’t believe our clients “Christmas Experience” should be watered down.

This is our “WHY” when it comes to wearing Santa Claus hats and playing Christmas music from our Kingdom Radio program while installing your decorations. We want to bring the best experience to you and your family that will become a beautiful and exciting tradition.

Thank you for trusting Kingdom Christmas Lights with your Christmas experience as we look forward to being a part of your Christmas traditions for years to come.