Rosharon Christmas Light Installation

We at Kingdom Christmas Lights is your local commercial and residential Christmas light installation contractor in the Rosharon Texas area. Christmas time has become a very fast paced time of year. There is so much going on and it never seems to slow down. Kingdom Christmas Lights is here to help with that hustle and bustle. Your home lighting needs is our specialty. All we need is a little direction in the way we should go and the budget and we take care of the rest. We specialize in custom fitting your new Christmas lights to your home. We can wrap your trees, line your walkways, hang garland and wreaths creating a festive winter wonderland.  It will be a  beautiful display to make the kids’ eye dance and every smile sparkle with joy. No Scrooges in our bunch only happy Griswolds! We are known in Texas to go big or go home and here in Rosharon, we know how to make it look the very best!  Family time can be such a special time. Taking a walk on your street seeing all the lights. Hopping in the car with some hot cocoa and Christmas tune while you tour your neighborhood. But, always getting to come home to your own special beautiful display. Kingdom Christmas Lights knows how to make the magic happen. Affordable, not only the price but the energy efficiency of the LED lights. Brighter, More lighting hours, durable are just a few characteristics of the LED lights! The SMD LED is the best on the market and Kingdom Christmas Lights spent a lot of time finding THE BEST bulbs to pass on to you our friends and neighbors in Rosharon, Texas!  We are excited about the new 2019 season and will be looking forward to all of our local Rosharon smiling faces. Our kids have adopted a phrase that makes us beam with JOY! “You are the best Mom/Dad  ever” Our Favorite though…. THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER. It is a favorite. So from Kingdom Christmas Lights to you and your family.  May you and yours have the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! 

In His Service,

Kingdom Christmas Lights

“Lighting up His Kingdom One Home at a time!”

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