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Kingdom Christmas Lights
Kingdom Christmas Lights
We hunt down the best products possible! You might be able to see the difference in these two beauties. We definitely do! When choosing the best product, the best installers and the best all around Christmas Company think KINGDOM. We are expecting a huge season this year so DO NOT WAIT to get on the schedule. YES, we start installing THIS weekend. YES, we are already getting booked. THIS is not a joke. Some people are taking Christmas VERY serious this year. And we are right along with them. There is 93 days until Christmas! Give us a call. 346-291-4492
We are, as always, "Lighting up His Kingdom one home at a time. "

Kingdom Christmas Lights
Kingdom Christmas Lights
Kingdom Christmas Lights
What are they building now??? #ChristmasCruise
Kingdom Christmas Lights
Kingdom Christmas Lights
Ever thought of a career in the Christmas light installation business? Are you a roofer, have experience of being on roofs or are comfortable with heights? This may be the opportunity of a lifetime for you. We at Kingdom Christmas Lights will install over 600 residential properties this holiday season in addition to completing over 30 complex commercial properties. Our company is fully insured, offer great benefits for full time year round workers and have a great bonus structure for this season.

If you're interested in working with Kingdom, now is the time to get on our interview list. Please visit us online at kingdomchristmaslights.com and click the GET HIRED button at the bottom of our home page. You can also use the old fashioned telephone to call about this position at 346-291-4492. We hope that you have a safe and blessed holiday and we'll be looking forward to hearing from you.


Just posted a photo @ Kingdom Christmas Lights https://t.co/mSF6ST0lrG

📷 We at Kingdom Christmas Lights are a veteran owned and operated business here in Texas and we love our flag. It’s true that we kneel before God but we proudly stand for our flag and our National anthem. Thank you for supporting small... https://t.co/TuQESYkec9