The Kingdom brand is well known in the Christmas light installation industry both here in the Houston Texas area and across the nation.  Our installation division is leading the way in identifying what a "PREMIUM CHRISTMAS CONTRACTOR" should offer and we didn't stop there.  Kingdom also provides a Christmas light distribution solution to both homeowners and contractors through KINGDOM CONNECTION and our commercial location.  Lastly, we also spend the offseason networking and marketing this industry through our company KINGDOM RADIO.  Find out more about Kingdom below.


Here at Kingdom Radio, we offer Christmas light installation advertising services and Holiday lighting event coverage.  If you're interested in starting your own business or have an event that is coming up that Kingdom Radio needs to be at, please visit our website to find out more information regarding that opportunity.


Commercial grade materials are not available to the public as much as retail store LED quality products.  Our customizable LED lighting is now available for both professional holiday lighting contractors and homeowners alike.  Buy your Christmas lights from Kingdom and get the best products and pricing in the country.